The Annadel

The Annadel is a 390-unit transit-oriented market rate rental apartment project on approximately 16 acres on  an infill site in north-west Santa Rosa. Located within 1/2 mile of the SMART commuter rail station and within 1/4 mile of the Coddingtown regional shopping center, it provides the option of a walkable lifestyle for residents. The large heritage oaks on the site are preserved and incorporated into significant open space areas, which are linked to each other and to the 2.8-acre Finali Neighborhood Park that occupies a prominent corner location. The site plan is organized on a grid of tree lined neighborhood streets arranged in pedestrian-scaled blocks where pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles are all welcome and comfortable. The first phase of the project was completed in the winter of 2015-2016. The final phase of construction is being completed in 2016-2017.

Project Details

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

  • Innovative stormwater management system combining reinforced bioswales to accommodate vehicle crossings along with bioretention for treatment, and a space for street trees.
  • Transit-oriented urban infill project near SMART rail station and Coddingtown regional shopping center.
  • Site plan organized on a grid of tree-lined neighborhood streets arranged in pedestrian-scaled blocks to maximize walkability and connection to the Finali Neighborhood Park.
  • Open space areas created around preserved heritage oak trees maintain a sense of place with site amenities such as play areas, bocce ball court, and picnic areas. The project also included a community garden used by the residents.
  • Integral to the design was the requirement for a low water use landscape which was developed by the use of drought tolerant plantings and a water efficient irrigation system.

Services Provided

  • Lead consultant on entitlements and approvals
  • Management of multiple sub-consultants
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering