St. Helena High School

In 2007, St. Helena High School embarked on a program to modernize the campus.  A secondary goal of the program was to introduce students to the skills that would help support the local hospitality and horticultural enterprises. Using a combination of public money and private donations, the dirt track and existing natural turf field were replaced with a new all-weather track and synthetic turf, enabling the school’s teams to use the facility year round.  The field design utilized the existing soils conditions to mitigate eliminate drainage impacts from the construction.  Following the completion of the field, a field house that acts as a practice gym, and a choir building were constructed.  The final component of the project was a vocational education complex to better prepare the students to enter the work force in the St. Helena area.  The complex was comprised of an expansion of an existing horticultural building, and construction of an agricultural barn, an industrial technology building with computer lab room, and a culinary building.

Project Details

Client: St. Helena Unified School District
Date: 2012
Location: St. Helena, CA

  • Synthetic turf football field and track
  • Field house
  • Choir Building
  • Vocational Education Complex

Services Provided

  • Site Design
  • Cost estimating
  • Construction support