Grant Avenue Streetscape Development

Grant Avenue project transformed the central spine of Novato’s downtown to a pedestrian-café friendly streetscape.

The public streetscape was enhanced by widening of sidewalks, creating flexible space for outdoor dining and expanding pedestrian areas by locating trees within parking zones.

The project included the redesign of 11 blocks and presented many challenges associated with the steep crown slope of the existing street and a significant grade differential between the two sides of the street. Among the challenges successfully addressed were maintaining access to existing shop front entrances with the new design and during construction, as well as ADA challenges. Carlile • Macy worked with lead urban designers Freedman Tung and Bottomley to implement the community’s vision while meeting an aggressive schedule for completion of construction documents.

Project Details

Client: City of Novato
Date: 2005
Location: Downtown Novato, CA

  • Creation of a streetscape revitalization that enlivens the neighborhood and downtown using the street as a public realm
  • Relocation and coordination of all PG&E facilities for new design
  • Design of trees with parking zones using structural soil flex space
  • Design of all streets and business access to ADA standards
  • Design of streetscape and accessibility given 1’ differential between each side of street

Services Provided

  • Land surveying: topographic mapping and construction staking
  • Civil engineering: design development and improvement plans