Geysers Recharge

This award-winning project entailed 42 miles of underground pipeline that now transports 11 million gallons of wastewater per day from several Sonoma County cities through the subregional water reclamation facility in Santa Rosa to a terminal storage tank on the ridge above the Geysers steam field.  By injecting recycled water to replenish underground steam wells, the Geysers Recharge Project has established a safe, clean and environmentally advanced method of water reuse.

Project Details

Client: City of Santa Rosa
Date: 2001
Location: Sonoma County CA

  • Low-water use landscape design, including large, drought-tolerant lawns and meadows
  • Diversion panels in sidewalk to direct stormwater runoff toward biofiltration basins
  • Styles paving patterns and colors
  • Custom playground structures feature a farm and barnyard theme

Services Provided

  • Control surveys
  • Right of way surveys
  • Preparation of legal descriptions and plat maps for property acquisitions
  • Construction staking
  • Landscape architecture for Pine Flat Road pump station