Enso Village

Enso Village is a 220-unit Zen-inspired senior living community with a focus on mindful aging and sustainability. The campus, located on 10 acres in northern Healdsburg, includes a 2- to 5-story main building, city lift car barn, restaurant, pool, and gardening area. Carlile Macy‘s scope included entitlement engineering, surveying, utilities, site accessibility, joint trench coordination, master drainage, stormwater, and site planning. Jim is the principal engineer and project manager. The project is a joint venture of San Francisco Zen Center and Kendal Senior Living. Architects are HKIT and Mithun.

Project Details

Client: Kendal at Sonoma, a Zen-Inspired Community, Inc
Date: 2017-Present
Location: Healdsburg CA

Services Provided

  • Land Surveying
  • Site Planning
  • Civil Engineering