About Us

Carlile Macy was formed in 1996 by the merger of two professional design firms that trace their history back for half a century in Sonoma County. We take pride in having designed many of the public projects that serve our community and those around us, including public street infrastructure, urban streetscape design, public utility infrastructure, creek restorations, and parks. Additionally, our work in the private sector spans across the Bay Area and includes single-family and multifamily housing, healthcare facilities, sports fields, commercial centers, and hospitality.

Carlile Macy’s multidisciplinary structure is not uncommon in the design field—many firms house landscape architects, civil engineers, and land surveyors in the same office. What makes Carlile Macy unique, however, is the truly integrated workflow and collaborative, supportive dynamic that exists among our company’s three disciplines which allows us to provide complete services to our clients. Difficult landscape architecture questions or complex engineering constraints are the same thing— design problems—and our professionals have proven again and again that we can develop innovative, context-appropriate, cost-efficient, and collaborative solutions.

Many of our projects include our landscape architects, civil engineers, and surveyors. This is because we make a great team, and the value of our teamwork comes through in projects delivered on time, within budget, and with award-winning recognition. Of course, we do not get awarded entire projects such as this at every turn; however, we take our internal teamwork dynamic and apply it to the consultant teams we’re part of. We value collaboration and transparency in design, and we enjoy working with fellow consultants and professionals with the same high standards. Great teams elevate one another’s work, and the result is outstanding projects.

Carlile Macy works hard to attract and maintain some of the best people in the business. We have created a company culture that is exciting and supportive, and we encourage all personnel to continue their education in order to further their careers. We expect and receive high quality work from our employees, and in turn the employees are proud to work in an environment that encourages their growth. Consequently our staff is responsive and easy to work with, providing the excellent service for which we are known.