Urban Planning

Carlile • Macy brings an extraordinary vision to urban planning. Integrating all disciplines from basic survey information to engineering feasibility and finally to sound planning principles urban concepts that are environmentally sensitive and fit well with the surrounding context is our goal. We offer the following urban planning services:

Feasibility Studies: Carlile • Macy prepares due diligence reports and planning/zoning analysis for many diverse projects, ranging from dense urban redevelopments to large rural land tracts.

Extensive Site Analysis: Site analysis including slope analysis, opportunities and constraints maps, view shed analysis, shadow analysis, circulation analysis and neighborhood context maps are prepared in a clear and concise graphic format utilizing topographic maps and aerial photography as a base. These analyses assist both the client and the governing agency to better understand how the site may develop.

Development Plans/ Schematic and Concept Design: Utilizing the site analyses mentioned above the design staff at Carlile • Macy prepare alternative schematic/concept design for the site which efficiently uses the land and effectively maximizes the building area while conserving and protecting key environmental features of the site. Carlile • Macy has completed numerous redevelopment projects and mixed-use projects employing new urbanist solutions and has expertise in sustainable project principles with several key personnel holding Leed’s certifications. We are experts and have pioneered work in conservation subdivision design principles. Carlile • Macy is unparalleled in site layout and design.

Federal, State and Local Jurisdictional Approvals and Regulatory Processing: Carlile • Macy has many years of experience and success in coordination and interface with governing agencies. We have worked with local jurisdictions to help streamline their review processes and have served on many local review boards. We have a broad understanding of the entitlements processing and regulatory approvals on all levels, and are expert at coordinating the approval process through the myriad layers of approval form local to State and Federal levels. We have successfully negotiated the approvals and representation of many local projects including the Fountaingrove Community, Skyhawk Development, Oakmont Senior Living, the Sea Ranch and others.