Courthouse Square, Urban Plaza/Historic Preservation, Redwood City

Redwood City developed its new Courthouse Square as a public open space and focus of community events. Courthouse Square was created on a parcel of land formerly occupied by the courthouse annex. The annex building blocked the historic entry to the restored historic 1800s courthouse. The resulting removal of the courthouse annex created a unique opportunity to create a new entry space to the courthouse as well as a public plaza. The design team successfully created a historic-based design that reflects the architectural character of the restored courthouse. The development of Courthouse Square was a significant element in the successful revitalization of Redwood City’s downtown. The new plaza features two semi-enclosed cafe pavilions flanking the decorative fountains that frame views to the courthouse. The project won Congress for New Urbanism 2007 Charter Award for Block, Street & Building Design. Carlile • Macy provided civil engineering and fountain design.