We believe that our firm, and our employees, should be appropriately rewarded for providing exceptional service to our clients, so we offer competitive salaries based on qualifications, experience, past performance, and future expectations.



Carlile • Macy pays the full premium for employee coverage for the following:

Personal Time

While our work and meeting our clients' needs are important, we believe that time away from work to be with families and pursue personal goals is equally important. To provide a healthy balance between career and family or other personal pursuits, Carlile • Macy provides generous paid holidays and vacation programs.

Pension and Profit Sharing

To help you prepare for your future, Carlile • Macy allows employees to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement savings account through a 401(k) program.

Professional Development

We understand that our employees are our most precious resource, and we are dedicated to their professional and personal development. So we provide opportunities for increased knowledge and skills through in-house training, formal education, and seminars. Employee involvement in community activities is also encouraged.